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commissioned fairy portrait in graphiteI am currently accepting Fine Art Commissions for Fantasy Portraiture, RPG characters,Fan Arts, Custom Fine Art Fantasy Paintings or Drawings, as well as traditional portraiture/ landscape/ but there may be a wait time of 3-6 months. Please email me withyour ideas for more information.

I have no issues with creating Nude boudoir portraits or sensual pieces for you or your loved one. I can create that special family painting the can passed down for generations to come, an illustration of your RPG or LARP character, a painting of your favorite mythological creature, fantasy place or even a stunning portrait of your pet.

Persons interested in a fine art commission should note they are not purchasing reproduction rights to the image created, only the original artwork or print of the digital piece. If you wish to commission a piece of art you would like rights reproduce or publish, please see my concept/illustration comission page.

Artworks can be created in traditional or digital media at the clients request.

Austin   Awaiting The Dragon  edens daydream           
        Plenarius    Path to Promise

Traditional Artworks can be created in oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolor / colored pencil, pen and ink, graphite/ charcoal, or as woodcuts. They are great as a gift and can be passed down in a family as a keepsake for generations to come.

Digital Paintings are painted by hand in photoshop/painter. The client is given a print of the digital file and a digital file for there "personal" non commercial use. These are great if you have a web site that you'd like to display the image on or good for a custom tattoo design to take to your tattoo artist, or just want to show your friends your rpg character etc..They are best when you have no need for a "physical" painting and a print of the painting will do.

If you have need for an image that will be reproduced in different medias and/or sold for profit such as; book /cd cover, advertisement images, or concept design sketches please see the concept/illustration section of this site

For commissions where likeness of a subject is required, I Currently work from photos the client provides. But, If you live in the portland, Oregon area we could arrange a photo shoot to obtain references to be used for the painting. Photos Provided by the client can be digital files or developed/printed photos snail mailed to me. Please be sure to provide 3 or more good clear photos of the subject to be painted. More photos may be needed depending on the project. The best photos are taken in natural sunlight without flash.

Contact Carol with your ideas at:

I Will NOT make reproductions or license merchandise of private commissioned artworks unless client requests or permission by the client is given. I will always ask you first if this is OK. I do however use commissioned pieces in my portfolio/web site and for promotional stuff. And May enter them in contests and the like. I retain all copyright to my images so comissioned artworks are not to be reproduced without my consent.

If you need a reproduction to share with friends/ family members Giclee's and Other Items can be made from your commissioned artwork upon request of the client, or limited usage rights for the image can be released for a fee if the client wishes to create there own reproductions for personal use of the commissioned artwork.

Illustration / Concept or Graphic Design work differs from that stated above and usage rights are worked out on a contract by contract basis.

Pricing for Fantasy Portraits or Custom Artworks

If you are interested in commissioning a fantasy portrait or custom fantasy piece, prices will vary depending on medium and complexity of the work. Please email me with your ideas, and the medium and size you would like it to be done in for an estimate. To give an idea most simple portraits start around $300 and go up from there an oil will be more costly than a watercolor , pencil sketch or drawing. Addtional figures , creatures or compainions, complex backgrounds or props will add to cost as well.

Nude Boudoir Portraits

If you are interested in having me create a beautiful tasteful nude portrait of you or your loved one I can do this for you! I can work from swimsuit photos or nude/partial nude (swimming suit) photos. Original photos will be kept confidential. All photos supplied by the client will only be used as references to create the specific project.